Saturday, May 11, 2013

Short Thought on Death and Purpose

In this prison, sad and dark, my only consolation, my only hope, my only purpose are the prisoners sitting next to me. In the event that their light is extinguished before my own, my purpose then becomes seeking others.

Pinpoints of light wink on, wink off, mattering only to those in the radius of their luminescence. If you find this state of affairs depressing, I am sorry; but that is the way things are.


  1. It can be seen as a prison, but it is also a limitless playground filled with things to explore and discover. And yes, our only purpose is as it relates to others, but that means that there are things greater than ourselves. The "fruit of the spirit" are still relevant to those that don't believe in God. I think that adding to the amount of love, joy, and peace in the world is an extremely fulfilling purpose that transcends any one person. And even if people don't matter at all on cosmic timescales, these still seem like valid and important goals to me - to make our lives collectively less painful while we're here.

  2. I totally agree, Joel. Maybe I should have put "prison" in quotes; I believe I was using the word because someone had recently used it to refer to an existence with no Cosmic Purpose.